Short Courses

General Information about the Short Courses

Date: November 10, 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 08: 30h to 12: 30h (rooms will be confirmed later)

Registration fee: R$ 30,00 or US$ 7.5

Terms and Conditions: only one short course per conference attendee will be allowed and the online registration will be available up to September 13th, 2019 considering 30 participants maximum per each course.

Certificates will be available only to those who attend the 4h course (100% attendance).

SHORT COURSE 1 “Molecular biology tools solving metabolic questions: a basic introduction” by Thomas Vogt, (IPB, Germany)

SHORT COURSE 2 “Quimiotaxonomia” by Marco Eduardo Rocha (UVA)

SHORT COURSE 3 “Ecologia química” by Fernanda Chagas (UFRJ)

SHORT COURSE 4 “Empreendedorismo em produtos naturais” by Daniel Barreto (ASSESSA) 

SHORT COURSE 5 “Modelagem molecular aplicada a produtos naturais” by Nelilma Correia Romeiro (UFRJ)

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